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Welcome to our little site dedicated to anything and everything that is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. While Tourists are allowed :-) locals will find the critical information they need, as well as a veritable cornucopia of lore, history and pictures. Be sure to check out our Carnival New Orleans News Blog featuring information on events, artists, musicians and what's going on for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Pictures of Mardi Gras Costumes in the French Quarter!

Pictures of Krewe Du Vieux Mardi Gras Parade - New Orleans most irreverent event!

See pictures of the Krewe of Barkus dog parade and past Krewe of Barkus parades in New Orleans, with the theme, "There's No Place Like Home" from the Wizard of Oz! Also Krewe de Vieux, New Orleans most irreverent parade.

Clicking on the headings will take you to the different sections of this site. You can also take our VIRTUAL MARDI GRAS TOUR and see almost everything available without having to wade through a hierarchy of menus.

Want to see what's on Bourbon Street? Visit our famous Bourbon Street Camera Page!

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Tell me about...

What is Mardi Gras? A time of preparation for the Christian fast of Lent? A testimonial on the excesses of humanity? A reason to dress up, ride on a flat-bed truck and throw things like mardi gras beads at people? A moment of public promotion for an otherwise highly-private, members-only organization? An excuse to drink enormous quantities of distilled spirits and expose parts of your body in public that are normally reserved for the viewing pleasure of loved ones? Well, it's probably all this and more. Look into the traditional history of Mardi Gras and see how it all started, then later you can travel to other parts as we endeavor to expose the mystery and [un] natural evolution of this most unusual "holiday."

Some 70+ organizations host their own public spectacle in the form of parades throughout the Mardi Gras season. Here you can find the latest information on Mardi Gras parades, Krewes, schedules, locations, themes, and other interesting information.

People will do the darnest things for various Mardi Gras trinkets. Only in New Orleans, for a two week period, will a 12-cent pair of plastic beads be worth a cold beer, a kiss, or even more sophisticated earthly delights. Visit our Mardi Gras throws section and view some of the traditional throws, as well as other Mardi Gras memorabilia that people proudly display and passionately collect.

What would Mardi Gras be without Mardi Gras MADNESS?? Now we are fully aware that it's probably an injustice focusing on the situations which borne themselves out of taking temporary leave of ones' sanity amongst 200,000 others all dressed like weirdos, but what the hell... There are probably some people who weren't even aware this stuff went on - they've been hanging out in Metairie or Chalmette watching the parades from the top of their Winnebagos. This crazy mardi gras costume section is dedicated to y'all - and you know who you are...

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