[ICC Carnival New Orleans]


Mardi Gras Day

On Mardi Gras day the climax of the Carnival season is reached. All cares are forgotten. The streets are crowded with maskers who rolic and frolic with free abandon. Comes the night, the last of the street pageants, the balls and at the stroke of midnight the courts of Rex and Comus meet, exchange greetings and another Mardi Gras is ended.

The ending of one Mardi Gras celebration is the beginning of preparation for another. Hardly have the streets been cleared of the confetti and the flags and the bunting; scarcely has the echo of the fun-maddened crowds died out when plans and preparations are begun for the Carnival which is to follow. Year in and year out Mardi Gras comes and Mardi Gras goes. It is part of New Orleans, nay, it is the soul of New Orleans.

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