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[BEADS.GIF] By far, the most popular and abundant throws at any parade are beads. Beads of all kinds. Cheap ones. Colorful ones. Long ones. Bright ones. Some you keep; some you give to the little kid beside you; some are worth a beer; some that are destined to become melted down into potholders, or taken away by the street-sweeper.

Most beads are plastic, but every once in awhile you'll run across some heavy glass ones - these are definitely keepers. Most of the Krewes now have their own brand of beads with plastic medallions attached bearing their logo.

The size of the pile of beads around a person's neck is generally a good indication of how much success they're having, or more appropriately - how much attention they manage to draw.

Krewe members generally spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on beads alone. A rider will generally go through at least 100-200 gross of beads along a typical 4-6 mile parade route.

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