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Other Throws

One of the most popular throws these days are plastic cups with the Krewe logo printed on them. You'll be hard-pressed to find any domicile in the city which doesn't have a cabinet full of these - and of course, they're quite functional (and dishwasher safe).

Rounding out the list of Krewe-related throws is the latest collectable, which are Mardi Gras trading cards. This fad has been sweeping the country with Baseball, Football, Movie Cards, Comic Cards, and finally Carnival Trading Cards. Many Krewes print their own personalized cards and toss them along the route.

One of the most popular and prized throws of any of the parades is neither bead nor doubloon. If you're up early on Mardi Gras day, make sure to get to the Zulu parade. You may get lucky and get one of the famous Zulu Coconuts. Only a fortunate few ever get one of these prized possessions. And don't worry, they don't throw them anymore (much). The Zulu Coconuts are handed from the floats to those who get close enough.

Since each Krewe generally has their own rules relating to what can be brought on and thrown from floats - there's no telling what you might catch or have handed to you: frisbees, hats, umbrellas, bouncing balls, rubber spears, masks, dolls, books, cold drinks, wigs, end even panties & underwear, which are very popular.

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